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What happens after a DUI?

Not only is drinking and driving in South Carolina unsafe, it can also land in quite a bit of legal trouble. Punishments often include suspension of license, fines, and even jail time in serious cases. Very Well Mind explains what usually happens after a person is arrested for drunk driving. 

Initial arrest

Why an investigation is critical to your criminal defense case

If you have been charged with a crime, you may worry that the government has all the power. After all, they have an entire police force to gather evidence against you. How can you compete? The truth is, a police report often ends with the arrest, leaving an open path for a defense counter-investigation.

USC offers students prescription drug overdose reversing product

College students are among the most vulnerable to the trap of addiction and the likelihood of an overdose. The negative effects caused by prescription drug abuse doesn’t show up until the consequences begin to manifest in negative ways. This could mean losing a scholarship, losing friendships, losing health and risking a bright, young future to a reckless addiction.

The National Institute for Drug Abuse states that young people between the ages of 18 and 25 are the most likely to consume prescription drugs illegally while distributing them to their peers. Thankfully, the University of South Carolina is making it easy for students to get help for opioid addictions. A “lifesaving” overdose-reversal treatment is being made available to students without the need for a prescription.

What is embezzlement?

Of all the threats that face your business, employee theft is one of the most challenging to contend with. Often referred to as embezzlement, internal theft may go on for years and have a lasting financial impact on a small business and its owner. To ensure you can protect your enterprise from unscrupulous employees, The Balance offers the following information.

While embezzlement can take on many different forms of, the crime typically has four elements. First, both parties must be connected by an asset which both are expected to exercise some level of care towards. Next, the person being charged must access this asset via this connection, usually as an employee. Third, the person accused of embezzlement must take ownership of the asset, and fourth, intent to take ownership must be established.

Drug charges as a parent

It can always be stressful for someone when they are charged with a drug offense. From losing one's job to spending time behind bars, there are many different ways in which drug charges can shatter someone's life. However, there are some people who are in a position which makes it especially difficult for them to be charged with some type of drug-related offense, such as a parent. Drug charges can shatter a parent's life in many different ways, whether they create friction within the family, impact a parent's ability to win a custody case or even affect their ability to raise a child.

When parents are charged with drug offenses, their ability to parent in the future may be impacted by the allegations and their reputation may be shattered in a way which they can never recover from. Parents who have to face these hurdles should take steps to protect their ability to raise their child and defend themselves in the courtroom. There could be all sorts of different factors that may affect a person's case when they are charged with a drug offense. Likewise, people can view drug cases involving parents from an especially harsh point of view.

How long do drivers lose their license for a DUI conviction?

Being convicted of a DUI offense here in South Carolina subjects a person to many things. This includes jail time and fines. It also can take a person out from behind the wheel for a considerable amount of time. This is because DUI convictions generally trigger a license suspension.

Losing driving privileges can have major implications for a person. It can make getting to work and many other aspects of everyday life more difficult. How long does a person have to face this challenging situation following a DUI conviction? It depends on their prior record.

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