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Being convicted of a DUI offense here in South Carolina subjects a person to many things. This includes jail time and fines. It also can take a person out from behind the wheel for a considerable amount of time. This is because DUI convictions generally trigger a license suspension.

Losing driving privileges can have major implications for a person. It can make getting to work and many other aspects of everyday life more difficult. How long does a person have to face this challenging situation following a DUI conviction? It depends on their prior record.

Under South Carolina law, license suspension length for a standard DUI offense is based on what number of offense it is. Here is a list of the standard suspension lengths:

  • First offense – Six months
  • Second offense – One year
  • Third offense – Two years, with the exception that it jumps to four years if the first and third offense happened within five years of each other
  • Fourth offense – Permanent license revocation

So, there are some situations in which a person accused of DUI could be a risk of permanently losing his or her license.

What can individuals accused of drunk driving in South Carolina do to protect themselves from license suspension and the other potential consequences of a DUI? What defense strategies would be available depends on many things. This includes the circumstances of the traffic stop that led to the DUI charges. It also includes the circumstances of any BAC tests conducted. Skilled defense attorneys can look into these matters and other important issues in DUI cases to help DUI suspects understand their options.