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Tax avoidance vs. tax evasion

No one in Mount Pleasant looks forward to paying taxes, yet most still do it dutifully. That said, no one ever wants to pay more than that which they owe. The trick, then, is understanding exactly what it is that needs to be paid. People often look for many ways to avoid having to pay taxes. One might think that any instance of avoiding paying taxes is a criminal offense, yet there are actually lawful ways to do. One simply needs to understand which strategies are tax avoidance, and which are tax evasion. 

Breaking down South Carolina's drug schedules

Many of those from Mount Pleasant who are facing drug charges come to us here at the Stirling & O'Connell Law Office wanting to know what sort of criminal penalties they could be facing if convicted. If you share the same question, it is important that you understand that the type of penalty associated with a drug charge depends on the substance that you were allegedly involved with. The state recognizes that not all controlled substances are created equal, with some potentially causing more harm than others. 

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