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Many of those from Mount Pleasant who are facing drug charges come to us here at the Stirling & O'Connell Law Office wanting to know what sort of criminal penalties they could be facing if convicted. If you share the same question, it is important that you understand that the type of penalty associated with a drug charge depends on the substance that you were allegedly involved with. The state recognizes that not all controlled substances are created equal, with some potentially causing more harm than others. 

As such, the state has developed its own series of drug schedules that assist in classifying individual controlled substances. There are five schedules in all, and the list of the substances found in each are in Title 44, Chapter 53 of South Carolina’s Code of Laws. The criteria for ranking controlled substances according to each respective drug schedule is as follows: 

  • Schedule I: Substances with a high potential for abuse, with no accepted medical use in the U.S. and whose delivery would be unsafe even under the direction of a physician
  • Schedule II: Substances with a potential for abuse that have been approved for certain medical uses in the U.S. and whose use can lead to sever psychic or physical dependence
  • Schedule II: Substances approved for medical uses in the U.S. whose potential for abuse is less than those found in Schedules I and II and whose use could lead to high psychological dependence or moderate to low physical dependence
  • Schedule IV: Substances with a low potential for abuse and that present a limited risk for developing a dependence
  • Schedule V: Substances that present the lowest risks for abuse and potential for developing a dependence

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