During the holiday season, many families come together to catch up and enjoy festivities. Stirling & O’Connell realizes these celebrations frequently involve alcohol, which leads to serious problems in some instances when people get behind the wheel after drinking. In fact, even a small amount of alcohol, such as a single mixed drink, causes many people in South Carolina to face DUI charges that not only destroy their holiday but other facets of their life in the coming year.

Those stopped for drunk driving often have a lot of questions related to their circumstances, whether they are not certain of their legal rights or they wonder how their career or finances will suffer as a result of the case. Moreover, losing the ability to drive poses many problems for people from various walks of life, such as parents, those who have demanding work schedules and college students. Many people across the U.S. will find themselves in this position this year, and people are especially likely to face DUI charges during the holidays as a result of DUI checkpoints. Drivers should realize that law enforcement officials pay closer attention to intoxicated driving around the holidays, which is why it is especially important to avoid driving while drunk or buzzed.

From zero tolerance laws that affect those under the age of 21 to uncertainty over the amount of alcohol that one has consumed, various factors play a role in DUI charges and these charges are completely unexpected, in some instances. However, the penalties pose risks to various facets of one’s life and our law office discusses additional information on this topic on our page devoted to driving under the influence.