Drivers are well aware of the consequences of getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, not only in terms of the risks associated with drunk driving but also with regard to a law enforcement official stopping them for intoxicated driving and the penalties that often follow. However, it is imperative for drivers to understand that charges related to intoxicated driving arise for a number of reasons. In some instances, people face these charges as a result of the legal or illegal use of prescription drugs. 

There are various factors to consider with regard to prescription drug use and charges that arise while driving under the influence. For example, some people legally take prescriptions but do not realize how the drug affects them, causing them to swerve or behave erratically on the road. Others accidentally take too much of a particular prescription, causing them to become significantly impaired. Moreover, some people take prescription medication without prescriptions, which can lead to other charges. 

These are just a few factors to consider when it comes to prescription drugs and intoxicated driving charges. Furthermore, people must realize how serious the consequences of these charges are. Some people wrongly assume that the penalties will not affect their lives as much as a DUI over alcohol use would and this is not always true. Please take some time and explore our website to learn more about addressing intoxicated driving charges and protecting your reputation. After all, these cases shatter the reputations of many people and also result in massive financial penalties, the loss of driving privileges and other challenges.