Drunk driving charges are devastating for many different reasons, whether those accused of getting behind the wheel while drunk are required to pay serious penalties and lose their driving privileges or they have to spend time behind bars. However, our law firm also realizes that many people in this position have an especially hard time when these charges surface, such as medical professionals and those pursuing a career in the medical field.

If these allegations have arisen and you are worried about your future, it is imperative to go over your options and secure the best outcome possible.

Job loss and reputation damage

When a surgeon or doctor is charged with driving drunk, they often face especially tough consequences in terms of their career. For example, if they fail to report their DUI to the medical board or cooperate during an investigation, their medical license is likely at risk. If a physician is charged with driving drunk on multiple occasions, they also face the risk of losing their license. Moreover, the damage to one’s reputation as a result of these cases is also vry disruptive and often impacts one’s career.

Medical students

Drunk driving charges are also very serious for those pursuing a career in the medical field. Medical students who are in this position often encounter various emotional, financial and legal hurdles, some of which interfere with their ability to continue their studies. Whether family members stop helping with tuition or someone becomes so overwhelmed by their circumstances they cannot focus on their studies, this is often very difficult. Please explore other parts of our website to read more about the impact of drunk driving charges.