South Carolina college students like you have a long road ahead. You have plans for the courses you want to take. You could involve yourself in extracurricular activities. You may even have job prospects already lined up. 

Unfortunately, this may grind to a halt after a DUI conviction. Whether or not it is your first time, you may face serious consequences. 

DUI affects financial support 

The College Investor takes a look at how getting a DUI conviction can affect your college path. First, it may jeopardize your attendance. It is rare for a college to kick a student out for DUI convictions alone. But it has happened before, and it could happen again. This is most common in cases where you face other charges. Endangering a minor or vehicular manslaughter are some potential examples. 

But a college can choose to revoke financial support. Were you relying on a scholarship? They may revoke this. Did you depend on financial awards to afford tuition? You may not have it next semester. Colleges may also choose to ban you from on-campus housing. This means you need to pay full rent to stay off campus. With a suspended license, you may struggle to find affordable transportation, too. 

Career path changed by DUI 

Even if you do not lose your financial footing, you may still face suffer consequences. For example, many childcare positions do not hire people with a criminal record. Driving positions do not hire people with a DUI on record. What if your career involved either aspects? You may find it hard or even impossible to break into the industry. In addition to the time in jail and fines you may face, this is reason enough to treat a DUI charge seriously.