Many drug crimes start with a traffic stop, but sometimes a conspiracy runs deep enough to merit years-long investigations. In the case of a large group of subjects for drug trafficking, drug charges can range wildly and can unfairly bunch alleged offenders into criminal categories they may not deserve.

WBTW News reports how the South Carolina Attorney General announced a list of indictments regarding a multi-jurisdictional drug investigation.

Operation “Groundhog Day”

The South Carolina State Grand Jury announced that after nearly two years of narcotics investigations, authorities arrested individuals across many counties and seized pounds of drugs.

Investigators have so far seized over 54 pounds of meth along with smaller amounts of heroin, fentanyl, cocaine and various prescription pills.

Each of the 39 people indicted received Trafficking Methamphetamine, 400 grams or more (Conspiracy), which carries a sentence of 25-30 years and fines up to $200,000. As listed by the report, some received charges including the trafficking of other drugs, intent to distribute, and the possession of firearms during the “commission of or attempt to commit a violent crime.”

While some received the single charge of conspiracy, others received charges totaling as high as 105-180 years prison time and over $800,000 in fines.

It is unknown how each indicted individual intends to defend themself.

Sorting through the evidence

The more people involved in a bust like this, the more nuanced each individual’s case is. What does the conspiracy charge entail? Are there some who were unaware of the scope? No single piece of this puzzle overrules another and it is up to keen criminal defense to ensure that each defendant receives the fairest result. Those who find themselves in over their head or charged with something they feel is unfair may wish to contact an attorney.