An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting For Your Rights

Criminal charges can have a significant impact on your entire life. Any charge is a serious matter that requires a strategic approach. That is why it is crucial to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Stirling & O’Connell understands how criminal charges can jeopardize your life and future. Attorney Michael O’Connell has more than 40 years of experience defending clients. He served as chief public defender for Charleston County and as an assistant federal defender for the District of South Carolina in Charleston. Mr. O’Connell provides all his clients with knowledgeable counsel and skilled representation, and he is committed to defending your rights.

The Cases We Represent

Mr. O’Connell has experience representing clients against charges of:

  • Theft: Stirling & O’Connell can handle all theft charges, from petit theft to grand larceny.
  • Assault: Our firm will defend clients’ rights against allegations of assault, and battery and sexual or domestic assault.
  • Homicide: Mr. O’Connell has experience defending violent charges ranging from manslaughter to murder.
  • White collar crimes: Stirling & O’Connell represents clients against many white collar offenses such as fraud, tax evasion and embezzlement.
  • Drug offenses: Mr. O’Connell represents clients who face drug charges in both South Carolina and federal courts.
  • DUI: At our firm, we analyze all the evidence to provide clients with the best possible defense in drunk driving cases.

Stirling & O’Connell also represents clients at bond hearings, in state post-conviction relief petitions and in federal habeas corpus petitions.

Persistence Is The Key To Effective Representation

Mr. O’Connell’s investigation begins immediately. Unlike many lawyers, he always goes to the scene of the alleged crime to get a real view rather than a view described by a police officer in a police report. This allows him possibly discover discrepancies and omissions in police reports and witness statements and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

At Stirling & O’Connell, we believe everyone deserves strong legal counsel. We help clients navigate even the most difficult cases and always work for the best possible results.

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