A Strong Defense Against Assault Charges

If you are accused of assault, it is important to seek strong legal counsel as soon as possible. The stigma of an assault conviction is difficult to overcome. The time to protect your future and your reputation is now.

At Stirling & O’Connell in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, we believe everyone has the right to strong legal counsel. Attorney Michael O’Connell has over 40 years of experience handling assault cases, including:

  • Simple assault charges: These charges involve the threat or act of harming someone, such as in a bar fight.
  • Domestic assault allegations: If police come to your home during a domestic disturbance and find evidence of an assault, they will likely make an arrest. These cases often involve restraining orders that prevent you from contacting the alleged victim.
  • Accusations of sexual assault: Charges of rape or another sex crime can have devastating consequences on your life. If you are convicted, you could be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

Investigating Your Case

The state’s investigation in an assault case often ends after the police reports and witness statements are put in a file and an arrest has been made.

In many cases, we find that police reports are one-sided because they uncritically represent the views of the alleged victim. We start our investigation immediately with a view to uncover evidence that supports your side and casts doubt on the allegations in the police reports and witness statements. This strategy has helped us obtain successful outcomes for many of our clients in assault cases.

Experienced Representation Is Crucial In Assault Cases

To protect your rights and your future, contact a lawyer as soon as possible if you are accused of assault. For an case evaluation at our Mount Pleasant offices, call 843-779-9443 or contact us online.