Charged With A DUI?

Driving under the influence in South Carolina is a mistake that has many serious consequences, especially if it leads to an auto accident. A DUI charge on your record could follow you for the rest of your life, affecting your reputation, finances, and employment and education opportunities.

At Stirling & O’Connell, we are committed to protecting your rights. Attorney Michael O’Connell provides clients with knowledgeable legal counsel he has cultivated over 40 years of practice. A DUI may suspend your driving privileges, but contacting Stirling & O’Connell as soon as possible can help you reclaim those privileges and repair your life.

The Elements Of A DUI Case

The two critical parts of a DUI arrest that defense lawyers, police and prosecutors rely on for evidence are:

  • The traffic stop: It is important to admit nothing at the traffic stop but still cooperate with police by providing your driver’s license, car registration and proof of insurance. You do not have to answer any other questions. You should not provide false information to the officer. The best policy is to tell the officer politely that you are not going to answer any questions.
  • The sobriety test: Usually, police conduct an initial breath test at the traffic stop and an official breathalyzer test after an arrest to determine the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC).

It is important to consult an attorney as soon as possible.

Tough Defense For Tough Cases

DUIs and drunk driving accidents are some of the most common criminal charges in South Carolina. However, they still require a tough and strategic approach.

Investigating the scene where you were stopped allows us to reconstruct the situation and learn what happened. Then, attorney Michael O’Connell personally compares the details with police reports to uncover any contradictions. If we find that police did not have a legal reason to stop you, it is possible to suppress any evidence collected after the stop.

Even if police had a legal reason to stop you, you may have a defense if they made mistakes or violated your rights when administering the sobriety or blood alcohol test.

Dealing with a DUI charge may seem intimidating and overwhelming, but Mr. O’Connell’s proactive and strategic approach can minimize the consequences of a DUI arrest.

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