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Defending Your Rights In Federal Court

The federal court system is very different from state courts. Federal charges are often considered to be more serious than state charges and may result in lengthy prison time. Federal prosecutors are usually highly experienced and have extensive resources to use against you.

To protect yourself from devastating consequences, you will need an attorney who practices regularly in federal court. Not all criminal defense attorneys do. It’s also important to say nothing to law investigators until you have spoken with a lawyer. Many people who are serving time in federal prison are there because they spoke to a federal investigator without consulting a lawyer beforehand. It is a crime to lie to a federal investigator, but it is not a crime to refuse to answer questions.

Attorney Michael O’Connell developed his extensive knowledge of the federal court system when he served as an assistant federal defender in South Carolina for five years. Since he left the federal defender’s office in 1996, he has continued to defend people charged with serious offenses in federal court.

Experience In A Variety Of Federal Charges

Facing federal criminal charges may seem overwhelming. At Stirling & O’Connell, we help clients navigate the federal court system in cases involving:

A proactive strategy is indispensable in federal cases. Attorney Michael O’Connell will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case to provide knowledgeable counsel and strive for the best possible outcome.

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